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WARNING: “If You are thinking about buying The Tao of Badass Dating System by Joshua Pellicer, this might be THE MOST IMPORTANT article you need to read today.”

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When Joshua Pellicer wrote his book teaching men how to get any hot woman they wanted, he probably had no idea of the stir it would cause, and the interest it would generate globally among dating coaches and guys who wanted to meet girls. Of course the only way you can really get the inside information of the book is to read it yourself, but I will try to give you a good idea of what you can expect to find in this review; so you have a really good idea of what’s inside and make an informed purchase.

You may have read other books that claim to help you seduce women. After all, it is not a new concept that guys only recently want to learn. So how is this one different and does it really have anything new that hasn’t been already published in other books?

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After reading this book I can honestly say that there are techniques revealed within, that I have never learned before and I have read plenty of seduction and dating materials over the years. I am not claiming that you will suddenly find yourself in bed with dozens of beautiful women, but you will find that women are somehow inexplicably more attracted to you and even ask you for a date once you begin applying the methods revealed in the book.

Click Here To Download Tao Of Badass PDF

About The Author of The Tao of Badass System Joshua Pellicer
Before buying any product, you need to know if the author is authoritive. If I buy a course that claims to teach me how to train and care properly for my new dog, I want to know that the author has years if not decades of experience with dogs and is an expert on dog training and caring for them.
The same goes with pickup artist and seduction books. Anybody who publishes a dating guide, should have plenty of experience and be an expert at seducing women. Otherwise how can they possibly teach you?
Joshua Pellicer has plenty of credentials and is certainly a leading authority on dating. Joshua has a radio show which focuses on dating and seduction tips. He has been interviewed by many major news outlets who are interested in the success of his techniques. These include the Associated Press, the Today Show andthe New York Times.

The Contents of Tao System of Badass by Josh Pellicer

The unique thing about the Tao of The Badass book is all the ideas and concepts you will learn are new and developed personally by Joshua after he conducted dozens of real life experiments. To be an expert at what really works in the dating game, you also need to know what does not work – and the only way Joshua could know for sure was by covering every situation you are likely to meet when picking up women, and learning through trial and error.
As well as the main and most important book, you will also receive four bonus books on various key topics related to dating – these titles of the bonus book are “Monogamy Vs Polyamory”, “Guide to Breaking Up”, “Escaping the Friend Zone” and “Never Get Cheated On”.


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Now the Juicy Stuff – What Will You Learn from The Tao of Badass Course?

You will find many titillating tidbits on every page of the Tao System of Badass book. But there are some points you will find especially interesting, as they teach you how to deal with specific situations.

One example that springs to mind is you will find out what to do when in a situation where there are loads of other guys all competing for the attention of the hottest women. The book reveals really sneaky technique which will help you not only completely decrease their odds of getting a date or taking a girl home, but also use these guys to increase your own chances tremendously. There are no cheese pick up lines to use here.
BTW I found great video review of The Badass System:

Click Here To Download Tao Of Badass PDF 

Another extremely important lesson you will learn in The Tao Attraction System is how to talk to a girl on a oneto-one basis. Let’s face it – if you do not master this you cannot hope to be in a one-on-one situation with a woman in the bedroom if you do not even know how to talk to her on this level. It sounds basic, but in fact it is one of the most crucial points of seducing a woman, as you really only have one chance, and screwing it up may spoil you chances forever.


Confidence and More Confidence!

Most guys know that having self-confidence is a very important aspect of being able to seduce girls, but did you know that faking confidence will also work? Many guys do not have natural self-confidence but The Tao Attraction System teaches you that even with a very bad self-image you can fake it till you make it! Simply knowing how to believe you are confident even if your self-confidence is the lowest, will help tremendously.
Perhaps the most important part of the Tao of Attraction Dating System is that it teaches you how to decode female body language correctly.
Furthermore it actually gives you an easy way – you do not have to continuously watch every single body move your girl makes; with this method you will be able to easily work out what women are thinking – just acquiring this powerful knowledge is most definitely worth the cost of the book.


Cons of the Tao Attraction System

  • The Tao Badass System does have some cons, and I would like to point these out, so you are can make a really well-informed decision before purchasing.
  • Because the book is downloadable, you do need to have a computer or a mobile device to access the information. You could of course print the information out if you prefer to read the printed word on paper, but this will be an extra expense.
  • You also need to be aware that although following the steps will result in you being able to attract and sleep with just about any woman you desire, it is not an overnight process. Being able to master the system takes work, and if you are not prepared to commit to the principles taught within is probably better if you don’t buy the course.
However, having said that, no book that you read will turn you into a magnet for women overnight. To achieve anything that is worth having you will have to do some work.

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  Pros of the Tao of Attraction Dating System

Rather than just relate my own experiences here, I’m going to share with you other people’s reviews that have been published around the web.
  • “One reviewer from says that he enjoyed the section on body language techniques most, as previously he had no idea that there were dominant, negative and positive types of body language. The course focuses on voice tonality, eye contact and also teaches you the difference between negative and positive body language. The reviewer said he had great success with using these techniques.”
  • “A reviewer from says the book was instrumental in helping him become insanely successful with women. He said previously he bought courses created by John Alanis and Carlos Xuma, but this course is far superior.”
  • “Another reviewer from says that he can now meet a pretty girl and get her number within a minute. This incredible skill has led to him currently date a swimsuit model.”
Click Here To Download Tao Of Badass PDF